Here are  some Dax&Co.  testimonials from past customers. Check out over 200 positive feedback comments on our Reverb Shop!


“This Telecaster I purchased from Dax is a MONSTER!!! BLACKGUARD MONSTER!! It was exactly as described. The set up was perfect, the guitar has amazing tone and I couldn’t be happier. The price was incredibly fair!! Dax was great to deal with and if you are in the market for a vintage feeling, amazing playing, affordable guitar check Dax out. By guitars online can be a nervous process for sure. Dax delivers exactly what he presents. Thanks for the great guitar.” – Scott H.  (Dax&Co. Custom T-Style Guitar)


“Just received the guitar and WOW. Exactly what I asked for and more. Dax and his crew are artists and craftsmen. I own/have owned dozens of guitars over 25+ years, vintage and relic’d and these guys know what they’re doing. All the elements of their work come together to tell a “story”, nothing done in excess. Their attention to detail is incredible. Excellent, professional communication. You can tell they love what they do. If you have a guitar that’s starting to be a visual bore, send it to them, when you get it back you won’t be able to put it down. Top work gents, rock on!” – Michael Y.  (Relic Service)


“I am in awe of the craftsmanship on display here in this instrument…it has such character…I fell in love instantly upon placing this beauty into my hands. The tone is out of this world, the neck pocket is precise,  resonance throughout the instrument and the noiseless pickup set is spectacular. Dax is a top notch builder and his relic work is just phenomenal. I knew when I first laid eyes on this Tele it had to be mine and it’s showing me everyday how true it is! Thank you, Dax.”


“What a fantastic guitar and everything about it is exactly what I had hoped it would be.  I can’t get over how absolutely effortless it is to play up and down the neck and how beautifully smooth it is.  You have created a truly wonderful guitar and everything about the transaction has been a true pleasure.”


“Love it! Custom shop at a working man’s price!”


Thanks!!  “Wow!  The gold has that greenish vibe. What a stunner! Thank you again making my Les Paul a work of art!”


“Again Dax…… I couldn’t be happier ! ! This baby rips and growls ! ! I had notes in our on stage tip jar with price requests for the guitar ! !”


“That looks so awesome!!! I can’t wait to see it in person. I’ve gotta say, I have seen a bunch of guitars where people tried to make it look reliced themselves, and it looks totally fake. I’m not sure how you do it, but your work looks 100% authentic. It looks like it’s really been played for 50 years. I’m so excited about it! I’m sure I’ll be sending another guitar your way in the future. “


“You totally killed it man! Whatta badass Telecaster!  Someone asked me, “well, is it the guitar of your dreams?” I said, “I don’t think I could’ve dreamed up a guitar this cool!”  And I can’t believe how GOOD it sounds thru ALL my amps. It rings like a bell.”


“Wow… well my tele body arrived today and man I am blown away. It looks so good. I find myself just rotating it and admiring all the little details, then holding it out at arms length to take in the big picture.”


“Dax , many thanks for the awesome telecaster , a first class job all the way. 100% top notch work , everything I hoped it would be is what I received.”


“First off, brilliant work on that guitar. I’ve been following relics for a while. You have a great eye. What’s more, your price is one us mere mortals might afford. By the way, the aging on the neck of that guitar was sublime.”


“Excellent relic job! Guitar came on time in good condition and well-packed. Super value!”


“I took a chance on using Dax & Co and I’m so glad I did! Dax took a cheap Squire Strat and turned it into an absolute Gem!! The work he did on it is absolutely amazing, my guitar now looks like a 1956 Stratocaster! The neck and fretboard are silky smooth. Great Job! Looking forward to using your company again!”


“I own 12 teles including a Nash T52, various Fenders, 2 MJTs, and this guitar went straight to the top of the class. It looks killer and feels like it’s actually 60 years old. Packed well, shipped fast.”


“Man, you did a fantastic job on making this thing look killer. No comparison to the stock look, I’m highly impressed.”


“Dax and his crew kick ass on making relics! They knocked my Strat outta the park! Great contact, great work and great price!!! I will be a repeat customer!!!!!”


“I can’t get the image of your last Tele out of my head. It was gorgeous! Exactly the style I’d want!”


“Dax&Co. is top notch.  Everything went super smooth and surprisingly fast.  I would be sending you more guitars, but I think I found my one and only and I’m going to be playing this one until I play no more.  Thank you so much.”


“The guitar arrived safely this afternoon. It has an authentic vintage look and feel much like the ’52 Telecaster that I used to own. The action is low and comfortable and the guitar sounds great plugged in. Thanks very much for including a gig bag which will work great until I get a tweed case.”


“Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of your artistry in the future.” 


“Excellent!! Better than described. Plays like an “expletive” dream!! Thank you!”


“Guitar is great! 100% as advertised. Looks, sounds and plays beautifully!”